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CMN (Creative Mega Network) is a company that manufactures and markets products to improve the quality of family life becomes better. With direct sales (direct selling), CMN develops and already has several CEOs in various major cities in Indonesia.



Thanks to the brilliant discoveries In June 2013, CMN (Creative Mega Network) gave birth to high-quality products with a value of SEJATI; Syukur, Empati, Juara, Antusias, Teguh, Integritas (Grateful, Empathy, Champion, Enthusiastic, Tough, Integrity). Through these product variants, Indonesian family life becomes easier and healthier. In addition, its presence also opens opportunities for Indonesian families to have unlimited income, improve their knowledge and careers so that they can bring their hopes and dreams into reality. 



This is the time for every family in Indonesia to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Let's maximize our potentials consistently with hard work to achieve our dreams together.


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