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In accordance with its vision to be the direct selling company which can be loved by all people, CMN did not hesitate to give a lifetime warranty (as per normal use) for Moor products and 10-year warranty (as per normal use) for Biochef products.



To achieve those visions, CMN has MISSION namely:

• Creating a million Entrepreneur,

• Presenting quality products with continuous innovation,

• Strengthen the Entrepreneur Network,

• Increase the competence and competitiveness through human resource development, and

• Increasing the income of all stakeholders.



CMN opens the opportunity for all entrepreneurs to develop their business and earn income in accordance with the work of the Entrepreneur. Training and guidance is given in preparation to become entrepreneurs that are SEJATI. Although composed of various economic backgrounds and education, but there is one equation, that is able to set time for the family, as well as starting a career and satisfactory income.


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