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Cleo Oxygenated Water


I have been diagnosed with chronic gastritis for several years. My doctor said i would probably need an endoscopy in this stage. I have to take a lot of kind of medicines before eating. They help for a while, but the pain always comes back the next day. This makes me so desperate, so i decided to start drinking Cleo Oxygenated Water 3 times a day. 

by Ningsih
Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan

"I Have been suffering from Kidney problems since 4 years ago. My Kidney specialist said that my kidney function will get worse. On my left side i had surgery and they got several stones. But after this, no significant effect for me. The pain was so bad, that i felt light headed, and didnt have appetite. Until my friend bring me to dr. Michael Leksodimulyo. He give me some medicine and Cleo Oxygenated Water. He said that i have to drink take my medicine with this water. I am so very gratefully because of him. I take Cleo Oxygenated Water continously and its make my kidney stone getting better. Within 7 weeks i was surprised because not only my kidney stones, but also my blood Sugar profile, blood pressure, uric acid was 9.6 become 6. Thank you Cleo Oxygenated Water!


by Ribka , 61th

"I am 32 and have had chronic constipation since i was little. After joined CMN member's and take Cleo Oxygenated Water continously. Alhamdulilah i can defecate normally. Taking medicine with Cleo Oxyeganted Water was proven that as enhancer medicine positive effects. Thankyou Cleo Oxygenated Water!"


by Nining Winarsih, 32th
Wiraswasta Sidoarjo

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in a long times ago. My therapist suggested low carbohydrate high fibre diet and exercise continously. Im so grateful to Dokter Michael Leksodimulyo because he gave me oral medication with Cleo Oxygenated Water. I amazed because during several weeks this worked to a degree lowering my blood sugar. Thank you Cleo oxyegenated Water, Keep Freeh Keep Healthy!

by Mirawati, 75 th